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AMT Software develops, markets and supports computer aided design and manufacturing software. Since 1982 we have been providing our customers with time-tested, proven solutions for a wide array of industries.

Our product portfolio:

Professional Design, Detailing & Drafting

ExpertCAD simplifies even the most difficult aspects of 2D design and drafting in discrete parts manufacturing. It provides all the practical tools you need to design parts for improved manufacturability and to build the most efficient, accurate parts, tools, or fixtures, supporting all your design and drafting requirements from concept to the factory floor.

High Efficiency Production NC Programming

In high production environments, every second counts. With ExpertCAM, your NC programmers have the right system to create accurate, highly efficient part programs quicker than ever before. Powerful NC programming features allow users to quickly analyze and optimize every machining operation before a part program is released. ExpertCAM is the complete package, supporting all your machining operations, including milling, turning, flame cutting and punching.

Knowledge-based Shop Floor Programming

Prospector is the next generation in NC software specifically designed for the shop floor that lets you put programming in the hands of your most knowledgeable employees - the machinists on the shop floor. That's what Knowledge-Based programming is all about. Machinists focus on what’s truly important — running the machine at maximum efficiency — instead of running the computer. With Prospector at work, shop floor programming is a practical tool to improve your bottom line.

High Performance Mold Design

ToolDesigner is a high-performance mold design solution that simplifies and speeds the entire mold design process. Designed in concert with expert mold designers, ToolDesigner can be a highly effective solution for experienced designers. With ToolDesigner's dynamic combination of features, mold shops can automate and streamline the entire design process.

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